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June 2019

TeleQuality Communications

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TQ Announces  New Logo and Branding

TQ Announces New Logo and Branding

TeleQuality has a new look! We're proud to announce the launch of our new logo and brand identity. You’ll see our new look everywhere with a TQ presence, like our website, social media channels, event exhibits, and more.

VIDEO: The Benefits of VoIP in Healthcare

Dropped calls. Poor audio quality. Limited functionality. Escalating fees.

Don’t let an outdated phone system impede your healthcare organization’s critical communications.

Hosted voice over IP (VoIP) is the next-generation phone technology you need for enhanced and reliable communications.

Watch our video to learn why TQ’s hosted VoIP solution is the advanced, affordable, and feature-rich voice platform healthcare providers can rely on.

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Industry News

Health Systems Look to Tech to Improve Efficiency, Interoperability

Healthcare IT News (6/11/19) - Nathan Eddy

A new study finds streamlining operating costs and improving related efficiency is a primary business concern for executives, with a third of respondents ranking it as one of the top three business challenges over the next year. Discover how tech can improve today's top health system challenges in this Healthcare IT News feature.

45% Health CISOs Faced Cyberattacks Focused on Destroying Data

Health IT Security (6/10/19) - Jessica Davis

Carbon Black’s health cybersecurity report finds leading health CISOs are mostly concerned with compliance, while experiencing an increase in destructive, sophisticated cyberattacks. Read
details on their latest report in this Health IT Security article.

Voice-Enablement: The Next Big Wave in Healthcare’s Digital Transformation Journey

CIO (6/5/19) - Paddy Padmanabhan

Voice is the most obvious next step of user interface that is going to radically change the way we interact with technology in healthcare services. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet. Read this opinion piece about voice enablement today.

Dentists Use Telehealth to Improve Access to Care - And Fight a Phobia

mHealth Intelligence (5/13/19) - Eric Wicklund

Dentists are looking to telehealth and mHealth to improve access to oral care during emergencies - and to convince reluctant patients to overcome their fear of the dentist's office. Read more about how telehealth is improving access to dental care in this mHealth Intelligence article.

40% of Health Organizations Suffered WannaCry Attack in Past 6 Months

Health IT Security (5/30/19) - Jessica Davis

A report from Armis found that two years after WannaCry, healthcare and manufacturing organizations are still being impacted due to unpatched, legacy devices. Discover the extent and reach of WannaCry in this Health IT Security feature.

Store-and-Forward Telemedicine Services Expand Connected Health

mHealth Intelligence - Eric Wicklund

Asynchronous or store-and-forward telemedicine, popular with dermatologists and ophthalmologists, is now showing up in primary care programs. Proponents say it gives them a better chance to use evidence-based best practices. Read this mHealth Intelligence feature for an in-depth look at how store-and-forward telemedicine is changing the connected health landscape.

Refining Clinical Decision Support Tools to Ease Physician Burnout

Health IT Analytics (6/13/19) - Jessica Kent

At Banner Health, improving clinical decision support tools and workflows have helped address burnout among providers. Learn more about mitigating physician burnout in this Health IT Analytics article.

Conference News

Come See Us at the Following Conferences in July

Community Health Center Association of Mississippi (CHCAM) Annual Conference

Biloxi, MS
July 30 - August 2, 2019

Tennessee Health Care Association THCA/TNCAL Convention & Trade Show

Nashville, TN
July 31 - August 2, 2019

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