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July 2019

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5 Costly Common Network Mistakes
to Avoid

With today’s healthcare organizations critically reliant on Internet access to provide patient care, health IT teams are rejecting the traditional self-management model in favor of managed services. Why? Because tasking already time-strapped technology teams with overseeing their organization’s network can have severe financial ramifications and put your patients’ welfare at risk.

Click here to discover how managed services can help you avoid network mistakes in our newest white paper resource, 5 Common Costly Network Mistakes to Avoid.

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Industry News

Report: For 9th Straight Year, Healthcare Organizations Hit Hardest from Data Breaches

hea!thcare innovation (7/23/19) - Rajiv Leventhal

For the ninth year in a row, healthcare organizations had the highest cost of a data breach—nearly $6.5 million, or $429 per patient record on average—according to the annual “Cost of a Data Breach Report” from IBM Security and the Ponemon Institute. Read details and additional findings from the annual report in this hea!thcare innovation article.

With Rural Health Care Stretched Thin, More Patients Turn to Telehealth

NPR (7/7/19) - Patti Neighmond

A growing number of Americans are turning to telehealth appointments with medical providers in the wake of widespread hospitals closing, and shortages of local doctors in rural communities. Click here to read NPR's full investigation and story.

Healthcare Needs Proactive Security to Reduce Fallout From Cyberattacks

Health IT Security (6/19/19) - Jessica Davis

Multiple reports show a steady increase in destructive, sophisticated cyberattacks and ransomware. Healthcare needs to shift from reactive to proactive security to reduce the damage. Discover what you need to be doing to protect your data in
this Health IT Security article.

ATA Releases 2019 Update of State-by-State Telehealth Report Cards

mHealth Intelligence (7/19/19) - Eric Wicklund

The American Telemedicine Association has updated its survey of state telehealth coverage and reimbursement policies and laws, which was last issued in 2017. Click here to read analysis from mHealth Intelligence, or click here to download the full report.

Small Providers Still Struggling with Cybersecurity, Risk Management

Health IT Security (7/1/19) - Jessica Davis

A new report from KLAS and CHIME find that while large organizations are becoming more sophisticated in their cybersecurity strategies, smaller providers are not keeping pace with governance, risk management, and other security elements. Read details on this emerging trend in this Health IT Security feature.

Addressing Healthcare Network Connectivity Challenges

HIT Infrastructure (6/1/19)

Reliable and secure network connectivity significantly impacts patient safety and clinicians' ability to do their job. Healthcare organizations can no longer rely on dated networking technology. Read this in-depth piece from HIT Infrastructure to discover what you need to know about tackling network connectivity for healthcare settings.

Providers Must Go Beyond Frameworks for Strong Risk Management

Health IT Security (7/17/19) - Jessica Davis

Recent reports have shown many healthcare providers don’t conform with HIPAA or adhere to a specific security framework like NIST. It’s critical these organizations better develop risk management programs to shore up these major security gaps. Health IT Security dives deep into why frameworks are not enough for risk protection or mitigation in this article.

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